Twitty - A twitter tool

I was looking for a windows tool to update my status on twitter, but I couldn't really find anything that I was looking for. Most of them looked like some sort of IM client when what I really wanted was a input line, and nothing else (much like the Launchy interface). As the programmer I am, I wasted four hours in implementation of what I needed, and the result was Twitty.



Screenshot of twitty with the phrase: 'bokmal likes pie'


You can download the application or the source code. I take no responsibilities how this application will affect your system.
Name Version Date Download
Twitty v0.3 2008-09-04 Download
Twitty Source Code v0.3 2008-09-04 Download
Twitty v0.1 2008-09-02 Download
Twitty Source Code v0.1 2008-09-02 Download


  1. Download Twitty binaries and unzip them some place safe
  2. Start Twitty by running Twitty.Gui.exe
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE to start typing a message, press ENTER to send or ESCAPE to abort. To exit the program, press the chicken in the corner hard enough so it dies.

Copyright notices

Do what you want with the program, but don't distribute it as if you wrote it and don't change the colours. Big thanks goes out to Twitteroo, since I ripped their service communication library.

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